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Find It NOW USA GPS Tracker - Request Form

Protect your Polaris ATV or UTV with a FIN GPS Tracker Today! Also works on any motorcycle or power sports machine, If it has a motor and moves, FIN can protect you and all your valuable property. Because FIN has to be sold, installed, and configured by a certified dealership, tracker units are not available for sale online. Just send an inquiry with the form below to get a quote and schedule an installation and configuration.

How FIN GPS Security works:

  • 1) You bring in your Bike to our dealership.
  • 2) Our TECH installs GPS in a hidden location.
  • 3) We activate your GPS, We set up the monitoring program on your smart phone & PC.

If anyone leans or bumps your bike, You will get an alert on your phone. You can set up alerts after a certain time or always. If your bike is stolen you can track your bike and FIN will work with Police on your behalf to try to recover Bike.

The First Year of Monitoring is FREE, then as low as $69 per year. (When you renew 30-60 days prior to renewal date. Most other GPS systems cost around $49/Month)

The GPS unit is $699. (Includes installation)


Mention this ad and get a $100 Discount on installation!


Act now and protect your Polaris with Fin GPS Security by filling out the form below!